• The Buyer may, for a period of two weeks or longer, “put on hold” the Agreement once per Agreement duration.

    The request to place the Agreement on hold must be submitted prior to the hold dates (no retroactive holds) and must include an end date (or return date) with the following exceptions: Buyer is injured or sick, or Buyer is pregnant and/or has had a baby. In both cases the return date will be mutually determined based on the recovery and recuperation of the Buyer.

    Buyer's payment schedule will not change and auto-payments will not pause while membership is on hold. Duration of the hold period will be added to the end of Buyer’s agreement.

    An official membership hold request form must be completed and signed in order to process your request. Without it, CFNA staff is not capable of completing your request.

    It may take up to 10 days to process your request. We suggest giving proper notice in order to avoid additional payments becoming due. You will be responsible for any payments coming due during that 10 day period. We cannot fulfill membership hold requests sent via fax, email, or telephone.


    Account holds are intended for unique circumstances like extended travel or a medical situation. They are NOT meant to stop billing while on vacation. We hope you understand the administrative burden this can create.

    FYI - Your membership allows a certain number of sessions that can be used anytime within your billing month. If you are going out of town for a short period of time, you can use those sessions before or after. However, unused sessions do not roll over to your next billing period.

    Please complete this form in its entirety and submit. Our business office will respond with a confirmation.
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