BUILD is CrossFit North Atlanta’s Strength Training Only class for intermediate & experienced lifters. Learn more about the current system/program being offered in BUILD below.

BUILD 2018 Winter Session is now open for class reservations

Program Name:

Gayle Hatch Progressive Overload

Start Date: 01-02-18

Duration: 12 weeks
This is NOT a drop-in class. Participants are not required to commit to full cycle duration but are encouraged to commit to Tues/Thurs schedule for entire 4-week mesocycle.

Class Days / Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:15pm-8:30 pm

Coach: Jorge Ahumuda

Program overview:

The GHPO system focuses on Oly Lifts (C&J / Snatch).

It is a 3 day/week cycle that we are adapting for our 2 day/week schedule.

It is a 12-week program that is broken into 4-week mesocycles. The general cycle of the program is as follows:

  • 2 weeks of loading (lifting heavy)
  • 1 week of deloading (not lifting as heavy)
  • “peak week” at the end of each 4-week cycle.
  • There are 3, 4-week mesocycle for a grand total of 12 weeks.

Program Intent:

The GHPO is designed to Improve skill and proficiency in Olympic lifts and increase strength levels of the major lifts (Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Squat, and Press)

This program compliments your Cross Fit North Atlanta CrossFit programming, but is not meant to be done on the same days as CrossFit classes. Please talk to a coach if you have any questions on how BUILD can be worked into your training schedule.

Who is it for?

Prerequisites / Experience Level: This class is meant for intermediate/advanced lifters who are looking to take their lifts to the next level and feel that they need an extra push to do so. If you are still not confident in your technique and abilities as a lifter, we recommend you keep coming to our CrossFit Classes and dialing in your technique before you go on to lift some heavy barbells.

About Gayle Hatch:

Gayle Hatch is one of America’s best weightlifting coaches who led his team to win every American weightlifting competition between 1972-1999. He has been inducted into every hall of fame that he is eligible for and is responsible for many of the greatest weightlifters this country has seen.

We are looking forward to seeing the results of this program and hope to see many PR’s in the following weeks!